CHIC Happens

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Chic Happens, but Natalie Reddell handles it with humor. Listen to her struggle, laugh and cry reflecting on life's lessons with her sister-cousin Jane.

Ice Balls are Hard

Nattie learns about ice spheres from Cousin Jane and how much Jane thinks they should switch to using only ice sphere's in their Diet Cokes from now o...
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Double Dog Dares are Hard

Nattie and Cousin Jane are going to the lake this weekend and Cousin Jane throws down a pretty epic Double Dog Dare for Nattie.
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Budgeting is Hard

Nattie tells Cousin Jane about her successful attempts at budgeting and how well its going. Jay-nuh also sneaks in another exciting story about a snak...
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Homeowners Associations are Hard

Cousin Jane tells Nattie all about the drama that has been happening in her neighborhood the past 6 months. Basically, Cousin Jane and Dr. G are about...
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Banana Hammocks are Hard

Nattie and Cousin Jane discuss more pranks and what mens underwear should (or shouldn't) be called. Plus, someone broke a bone this week!!
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Testosterone is Hard

Nattie tells Cousin Jane about her resent struggles at the gym. Why are there still mean girls everywhere?
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