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Hi I’m Alexa James and I’m super excited to be bringing you ChikChat® in a podcast. I'm the Founder, CEO, President, and Host of ChikChat®, Inc. which launched in 2001 in the form of live workshops, a workshop manual, along with a magalog, and TV/video series. We are now focusing our efforts into this podcast and our blog, where we feel we can best serve teen girls. We’re going to talk everything teenage girls-what you go through and experience - -and we’re going to have a lot of fun along the way. We’re gonna be covering topics like hair, make up, skin care, nutrition, wellness, fitness, taking care of yourself, self confidence, self-esteem, relationships: boys dating parents friendships - how to make and manage money, how to build a business, how to get in to college how to prep for college. We'll cover happiness, faith, and handling stress and most of all, encouraging you to make wise and healthy choices in your life. The decisions you make now in all these different areas, affect your self esteem. they effect who you become. Your decisions in your life right now- those every day small decisions, will either lead you down a path of destruction, OR, they can protect you from making life altering mistakes- AND propel you forward and upward to become the best you you were truly meant to be. We hope this podcast will help, encourage, and inspire you be more equipped to live the life you dream about, and also to equip you to make a positive difference in the world.I’m also thrilled to announce that in addition to launching our first podcast, we’re also launching our very first teen advisory board! You’re gonna be meeting our 2019 board: Analei, Breanna, Gabrielle, Isabella, Shannon, and Dylan. They’re going to be guiding us along the way. You’re going to be hearing from them in upcoming episodes so you will get to know them -get their advice -and ask them questions. We're looking forward to interacting with you at and please follow and like us on your We look forward to our next episode which will provide you with some guidelines for eating for a healthy body so that you have the energy, focus, strength and stamina to do all the things that you set out to do.Please support this non-profit org. by subscribing to this podcast and by taking a quick minute to review us on iTunes/Apple Podcasts. Thank you! ChikChat® Inc.A 501(c)3 non-profit organization

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