Chilling with Steven

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Welcome to Chilling with Steven. Just a guy who wants to talk about a lot of different topics because this is what millennial suppose to do right?

Support the Homies not the Celebs

Why do you think we buy products from celebs and believe they are good products but are hesitant to buy a product from a person you personally know? W...
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What is Success to you?

It’s Monday and just thought it would be good to reflect on why we are working so hard and what is the goal you want to achieve? Is it money or impact...
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F*** the Joneses

Stop comparing yourself to others and focus on your grind and hustle! Keep going and don't stop for no one
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Business Talks Epi#1

Congrats to Apple on reaching 1 trillion dollars! Wanna how they did it? Listen to a little strategy they used to achieve this amazing milestone!
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WTF Wednesdays Epi #1

Don't you hate it when you work so hard and yet don't get the results you want... Don't worry, I feel yah bruh
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