Chorizo Talk with Tam Yajia

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Comedian Tam Yajia and her sister Nat discuss gross topics while enjoying a sausage. Support this podcast:


Live from quarantine it's the Yajia sisters going insane (plus special guests)  --- Support this podcast:
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Traditional Vomit Smell

The sisters discuss a vacation to Mexico that ends with a barf, the smell of farts that occurs when you open a bag of chips and much more… --- Support...
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There's a rat on the podcast

On today's choadcast, Nat teaches a history lesson, Tam reads fine poetry, and a rat pays them a special visit.  --- Support this podcast: https://anc...
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Floppy Balls

Tam blacks out for the Season 2 Premiere (With guest Terukoooo) --- Support this podcast:
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Peanut Butter Butt

Tam and Nat watch VR porn, Nat is discovers a hidden talent. Become a supporter to keep this show going . We love you.    --- Support this podcast: ht...
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The death episode

The sisters are here, the sisters are here. A special death episode in which they plan the perfect funeral and discuss sucking on grandma's dead elbow...
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F*ck you, everybody

In this very special episode, Tam and Nat Yajia bring you...their very normal mother.  Support us if you can to keep the podcast going. You can donate...
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It was only a burp

Tam and Nat Yajia discuss blacking out, the Kamasutra, Steven Tyler with horns on his head, and what it's like to be related to Evita Peron.  --- Supp...
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2 warts

Tam Yajia and her sister Nat come to you live from Joshua tree. We can't even say what they talk about without it getting censored. Just listen.  --- ...
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