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Join Pastor John Esposito and Pastor Nick Esposito as they preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ every week!

New Space

There is a profound application when we study how two separate things can not occupy the same space. When fear was about to grip Jairus when a servant...
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New Wine

In this message, Pastor Nick shows how scripture reveals the importance of the New Wine that Jesus offers us. To fully accept and retain that new wine...
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New Growth

Growth is a theme we see throughout much of Scripture. Jesus wants us to be planted in Him, grow in Him and bear fruit in Him. He is the vine, we are ...
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New Walk

Movement is a part of life. Traveling. Commuting. Walking. It’s no wonder why many times in scripture when we read about “a walk” or “walking” it’s re...
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New Start

God wants to do a new thing in your life, better than what it was before. The good that God wants to do in your future will FAR OUTWAY the good done i...
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Season of Power 2

Your response to God matters to God! Mary knew this and responded with, "...let it be..." when the angel Gabriel spoke to her. How are we responding t...
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Season of Power – Part 1

Dunamis. The Greek word translated as "power" for most of the New Testament is what the Angel Gabriel tells Mary she'll be overshadowed with. That pow...
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Family Values: Identity Crisis

Do you know who you are? Do you know how God designed you? Join us for this message on who we are in the Spirit and who God made us be. You were creat...
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Family Values: Forgiveness

In this message, Pastor Nick continues his Family Values series and discusses forgiveness. When we forgive, we let go. We drop it; it's out of our han...
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Family Values: Unity

In Luke 11:17 Jesus tells us “...“Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall.” Unity is such an i...
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