Christian Healing Prayers

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Find peace with Christian healing prayers by Abide Meditation for issues like anxiety, addiction, depression and illness. Are you passionate about prayer? Contact For more information go to the App Store or Google Play.

Healing From Injustice

How many times in life have you said, “That’s not fair!”? Well, it’s true. Life isn’t fair. At times it’s downright unjust. Sinful people sometimes do...
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Hospital Bedside Prayer

Friend, we come together today to ask the Great Physician for a miracle. And we remember this: whether the answer is yes or no, He is good.
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Healing from Codependency

Many people assume that codependency only happens in relationships influenced by addiction. However, it also affects many well-meaning people who have...
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Pregnancy after Pregnancy Loss

Being pregnant is one of the most amazing experiences any woman will ever go through. But when you’ve experienced a pregnancy loss of any type, it can...
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Breaking Generational Curses

These prayers target breaking generational curses. A generational curse is sin that increases from one generation to the next. It affects every member...
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