Christianity Made Easy with Dr. Linda Travelute

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Warning: This is NOT your Mama's religion! No rules. Just righteousness. How you say? Powered by grace. Gods grace saves, blesses, and surprise, surprise - it TRAINS us to live right. If your tired of Christianity's so-called rules and regulations, if religion makes you want to gag, tune into Christianity Made Easy with Dr Linda Travelute. You'll be pushing toward a faith that's freeing beyond belief! There's hope in what Christ has done. Quit performing. Let's get your Soul Fit - the Easy Way! Grab more thoughts that will change your perspective on Prayer, Miracles, Crucifixion, Discipleship, & God's Grace at You can also pick up a FREE copy of my mini-book, "What's in It for You When Things Go Bad?" when you sign up for updates @

Insecurity Popper, Moses Style

Do you get sick at the thought of doing what God told you to do? When he says jump, would you rather stay put because you're afraid of what might happ...
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What To Do When You're Ripped Off

Aren't you tired of the enemy stealing from you? What has he taken from you in the last 12 months? Can you list some things that where ripped out of y...
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