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The podcast feed of the monthly webinar series hosted by Mike Sessler, Dave Stagl and Jason Cole. The three audio geeks talk about all sorts of live audio topics; mic technique, monitors, system dessign and mixing.

Church Tech Arts Mixing Webinar

This month, Mike, Dave & Jason discuss one of their favorite topics: Mixing! Learn about getting the low end right, the importance of good sources and...
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Volume: Must Have Balance

Mike & Dave tackle the age-old question of volume. We touch on topics such as, overall levels, level equivalents, A-Weighting and C-Weighting, spectra...
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Proposing System Upgrades Webinar

Jason and Mike discuss ideas and best practices of proposing system upgrades to church leadership. Gain insight into developing an upgrade plan, build...
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System Design w/ Bob Nahrstadt

Mike, Dave & Jason are joined by Bob Nahrstadt of Next Creative Media to discuss some of the best practices for system design. We cover developing a p...
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Wireless Mic Webinar

Join Dave Stagl, Jason Cole, Mike Sessler and special guest Chris Phillips of Sennheiser as we discuss wireless mics and in-ear monitors. Learn about ...
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