Cinema Poison

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Hey folks, we are a show that likes to poke a little fun at movies.

Episode 66, Jade

David Correlli’s mandolin would have been a better movie.  John Connor takes notice of more odd telephone behavior in this film.  Can someone tell Cor...
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Episode 65, 48 Hrs.

When will George ever watch the Run the Jewels video “Close your eyes and count to fuck” that Bowen has been recommending for years?  Is Sonny Landham...
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Episode 64, Iron Eagle

How secure are our Military’s secrets?  Short answer, not very.  John Connor starts off the episode very confused.  Why do all these movies have a shi...
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Episode 63, RoboCop

How is it possible that none of us made a RoboCorpse joke?  The Giggler from Death Wish 3 recommended his brother, The Laugher for this film.  Why doe...
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Episode 62, Clue

George squeezes in a “Loaded Weapon” reference.  George was also unable to finish the films alternate endings.  Bowen wishes Michael Madsen was in thi...
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Episode 61, BloodRayne

Here a wig, there a wig, everywhere a wig wig.  Why does Sebastian have a MacGruber haircut?  Why do we need a flashback of a thing that happened five...
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Episode 60, MacGruber

Get ready for dick jokes galore.  How do you feel about this celery stalk holder?  Is it possible to forget how to perform a throat rip?  We never do ...
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