Clarkston Family Farm


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Chelsea O'Brien, Executive Director, along with staff and friends tell us all about the non-profit, educational organization that is committed to inspiring the next generation about the value of nature and healthy food while creating a positive community gathering space.

Brunch with Brioni's

A short announcement about an exciting new fundraising event coming to the Farm on May 17. --- Send in a voice message:
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Organic Sustainable Gardening

Carole Bodner and Wally Niezguski discuss with Chelsea some of the reasons why organic gardening is so important and a few of methods  learned over ye...
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Our Friends at Bittersweet Farm

Barbara Hamilton and Bob McGowan, owners of Bittersweet Farm are Chelsea's guests on this episode.  Bittersweet Farm is a non-profit, organic farm  gr...
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February, 2020

Cooking classes are coming up in February --- Send in a voice message:
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Counselor's Corner #2

We gathered some additional counselors and Chelsea talked with them more specifically about Camp Wild - what they liked most about it and what they wi...
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Counselor's Corner #1

The Clarkston Family Farm relies on a dedicated group of volunteer counselors to help run many of the programs.  In this episode, Chelsea talks to a f...
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Winter Garden Club

We will continue to update this one minute "WHAT'S HAPPENING AT THE FARM" notice to keep you informed about what is going on in the very near future a...
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