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It's like eavesdropping on hilarious teachers at Happy Hour!

The Stoney Patch Kid Incident

220: Ever feel like it's up to teachers to compensate for others' poor planning? Yeah..let's talk about that. Also discussed/poked fun at: A student w...
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Teacher ADHD

218: This episode covers the general chaos of the first 5-6 weeks of the new school year: Everything from weird Student ID pictures, to disrespectful ...
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This is Not a Drill (ft. Peter)

217: Let's talk about the hour-long lockdown that took place at Ryan and Peter's school! Also discussed: putting the cart before the horse, Mayor Ligh...
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They Stole What?

216: Let's talk about the ridiculous "contact tracing" suggestion from CPS, a fun puppy update, the morale of teachers during the current school year,...
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Sticky Chromebook Keys

213: We had someone living rent free... literally... But let's talk about the first week of teachers reporting to the school, the forecast for this ye...
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Teacher Oddly Satisfying's

212: Let's get into weird anxieties, an educational Nature Show that nobody asked for, weird Guided Meditations in the education world, Oddly Satisfyi...
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Fake "Equity" Champions

211: We have a cool update on the ownership of Classroom Brew! This episode comes out with a bang to discuss (and ask) how teachers are feeling as the...
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