Climate Action Now - An Ørsted podcast on climate change and the solutions

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We know it’s alarming. Our streets and cities are flooding, our forests are burning, sea levels are on the rise. Our shared home, planet Earth, is threatened by man-made climate change. But did you also know that we already have the solutions to stop the escalating climate crisis? In this five episode podcast series we explore the solutions and dive into why the key to reaching our collective climate goals lies with the global energy sector and a systemic, swift transition from black to green energy. You will meet experts and strategists driving green transformation and understand the different components needed to get there in time to protect our home. Ørsted, the worlds most sustainable energy company, is publishing this podcast series to inspire everyone to take action now.

Episode 5: Time to take action

As we know from this podcast series, we do have most of the green technologies we need to transition from black to green energy. Yet, we still aren't ...
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