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380-The Fall Of The Roman Empire

Human history is loaded with examples of situations where specialization, even for all the progress it often brings, has lead down a dead end when the...
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379-Readmissions To Hospitals

Regardless of the most current healthcare reform effort, a trend that has been up and coming with the government regarding the reimbursement process, ...
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378-The One Bad Apple

Most every workplace has (at least) one - the bad apple who always seems to find what's wrong with things and offers no solutions to improve the situa...
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377-The Director Of Nursing

The position of Director of Nursing is a critical function in any healthcare organization. It is no surprise that the person in this role tends to hav...
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376-The Price Of Quality

It is a given in healthcare - our customers expect quality, no different than we would in their place. How we achieve that quality has everything to d...
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375-Errors In Healthcare

To err is human... it happens. That being said, we of course want to minimize the numbers/types of errors we make, especially in healthcare where some...
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374-Time Travel

While time-travel, as depicted in Back To The Future, may still be some ways off, in a sense we all take part in some approximation of time-travel eve...
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373-Developing Young Talent

It should hopefully go without saying for those in the healthcare profession... healthcare is cool! For the youth of today though, it is becoming incr...
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372-Clark Kent's Glasses

For those of you who are Superman fans, you no doubt know about how Clark Kent (Superman’s public identity at the Daily Planet) was able to function w...
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371-Complaints That Work

In the people business, there will be times when customers/coworkers/partners/etc will voice their dissatisfaction with how they perceive a situation ...
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