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Closet Conversations is a platform created to promote healthy dialogue in regards to everyday life , mental health , society and culture. "We talk about life, promote love, and believe laughter heals the soul"

Our Best Self

In today's episode we talk about the importance of giving it all we've got . Let's stick to the facts , we'll deal with our feelings later. Nesha disc...
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Put Some Gratuity On It

Have you ever taken less than what you deserved? Why did you ? Today we're in the closet discussing "worthiness", addressing childhood trauma and gene...
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Self Preservation

Happy New Year !!!! Today , we're talking about Self preservation. What is it ? How do you do it? Is it selfish ? Nesha shares her personal experience...
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Count Up the Cost

Happy New Year !! In today's episode we're welcoming 2021 in a little early , while kissing 2021 goodbye ! Who's account is in the negative , who's ov...
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The Pressure to Produce

Happy Good Friday !!! Today we talk about producing when you feel pressured . Have you done it , should you do it ? Nesha gives you some tips on survi...
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Take What You Need

We're back !!! In today's episode we pay homage to our "unsung heroes" . Nesha shares some personal experiences during this "quarantine time " , women...
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Superheros Need Saving Too

Happy New Year !!! Today we talk about ; Nesha where have you been ? Who had a baby ? Your husband did what ??!! We're back in closet for a quick supe...
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Get In Your Lane

We’re back!! On today’s episode we’re having “Closet Commentary “, giving some heartfelt advice to one of our listeners. Nesha shares a childhood stor...
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Dear Ayesha

In today’s episode we discuss Ayesha Curry's "Red Table Talk" interview , insecurities and self-acceptance . Let's Talk about it! What's your take?
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Trust Your Process

Nesha is back !!! We are spilling tea , telling it all and getting our lives in order! Hopefully today's "Motivational Moment" will give you the push ...
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