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Podcast with CNN's Max Foster exploring what drives successful people.

Solomon B Taiwo, actor

Solomon B Taiwo grew up in East London on the same street as rap star Dizzie Rascal and with the same passion for music, but at the age of 19 he disco...
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Ian Marber, nutritionist

Ian Marber was in his twenties and working in property investment when he was diagnosed with coeliac disease. He became so interested with his diet, t...
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Sarah Willingham, investor

Sarah Willingham started working in a restaurant in northern England in her early teens and by her early 20s, she was managing one of the busiest eate...
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Tom Kerss, astronomer

Tom Kerss is an astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich in London – founded in 1675, its one of the most important scientific sites in the world...
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Sir Geoffrey Kent, travel agent

Sir Geoffrey Kent is founder of the award-winning luxury tour operator Abercrombie & Kent and he’s credited with inventing the experiential holiday. H...
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Mark Wright, digital entrepreneur

Mark Wright is an award-winning entrepreneur and self-taught digital marketing specialist. He made his name winning The Apprentice TV show in the UK a...
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Levison Wood, explorer

Levison Wood is a soldier-turned-explorer, best-selling author, photographer and documentary film-maker. In 2014, he completed a nine-month expedition...
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