Clueless Millennials

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Chase and Torie talk about anything from careers and love to embarrassing shit that should never be talked about. If you are looking for some company, and to feel like you are not alone, grab a glass of champagne and light that ridiculously priced Bath and Body candle and let's get this party started!

Anxiously Confident

Anxiety sucks. Second guessing yourself sucks. Comparing yourself to other people sucks. Let's talk about it and figure this shit out together. --- Th...
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Stabbed in the Floral Department

A lot of the time work sucks. Trust us, we know. This week Torie and Chase relive shitty and hilarious work stories from their past, as well as from t...
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Wet, Bloody, Dirty Money

In this episode Chase and Torie ask each-other stupid questions and do their best to attempt answers. Buckle up baby dolls, this is a long one!  --- T...
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Welcome to the Sh!t Show

Welcome to episode one of the Clueless Millennials podcast! This week you will meet Chase and Torie, Two best friends who want to invite you in to sit...
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