Coaches and Coffee

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Have a coffee with us while we discuss coaching in physical and mental health, fitness, nutrition and anything lifestyle related!

Special Guest: Jimmy Picard, DPT

Jimmy Picard is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, an accomplished distance runner, coffee enthusiast, and overall amazing human and friend.  We had a grea...
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Fitness Mythbusters

In this episode we discuss some mainstream and prominent fitness myths.  We go into detail about what's true and what's not true and why about these m...
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5 Facets of Fitness: Part 2

Finishing up the two part series, Ben and Demetrius deep dive into Nutrition, Mindset, and Hydration in this one.  We talk about growth vs. fixed mind...
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5 Facets of Fitness: Part 1

Ben and Demetrius give 5 fast facts (or maybe they're not so fast) about our 5 most important facets of fitness:  Movement Sleep Nutrition Mindset Hyd...
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