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Two 40-something women talk about anything & everything

Tips for a better orgasm part 1

Men are more likely to orgasm during a heterosexual encounter than women. So how can we bridge the gap and how can we intensify the big O? Here are ti...
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Sex on the first date: yes or no?

Is it okay to have sex on the first date? According to the latest survey, eight dates is the norm. Really, would you wait that long? Let’s start by sa...
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Off sex or aromantic?

If you’ve been with one person long-term, you might be jaded in the bedroom. So are you off sex or aromantic? What is aromantic? In a nutshell, aroman...
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Cosmetic surgery regrets

Before you rush to change the way you look, check out these cosmetic surgery regrets and take a moment to think about what can go wrong. There’s also ...
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In a Slump? Try this

Are you in a slump? Here are some tips on how to break out of it, fast. Some days you just wake up in a slump. It’s not like you remember something fr...
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