Coffee & Killers: AKA Mommy’s Self Care


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In the hustle of #momlife we are constantly being told to find the time for self care; “what are you doing for YOU?” Well, Tina, I enjoy an overpriced cup of coffee that I most likely will have reheated at least three times before its completion thanks to my needy children and I get much joy out of drowning out the incessant bickering by listening to stories about murder. Won’t you join me?

Ep 4: Katherine Knight

In this episode we bring you down under to meet Kathy Knight, the first woman in Australia to be sentenced to life in prison without parole. Listener ...
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Ep 3: Armin Meiwes

Armin Miewes: A friendly neighbor or a vicious cannibalistic killer? Is it possible to be both? Musical Credit: Kevin Macleod: Young Boy End Theme and...
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Ep 2: Cathleen Krauseneck

A young mother. An ax. A community in shock. 37 years later and we may have answers.... Musical Credit: Kevin Macleod: Young Boy End Theme and Dream C...
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Ep 1: Charlie Tan

The community of Rochester, NY was shocked when Charlie killed his father by shooting him in the face. But did he, or was he taking the fall for someo...
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