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A comedy/storytelling podcast about the trials and tribulations of living with other humans.

#14: Those Bitches Upstairs

This week Alex Shannon and Liv Senghor, of the Ridiculous People Podcast (@aridiculouspod), have a story that starts with the most terrifying omen of ...
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#13: The Accidental Roommate

This week Kristin Brey (@kristinbrey) has a story about the time she realized she might be living with her boyfriend.    Music: “Mechanique Mon Dieu” ...
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#12: Dreams of a Hermitage

 An episode for anyone who would really rather live alone.  Featuring: Bryan Berlin (@Berlination)   Music: “Mechanique Mon Dieu” by Future Sauce is l...
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#11: Stranger Danger

An episode for anyone who's ever regretted a snap decision. Featuring: Anita Flores (@anitajewtina) Music: “Mechanique Mon Dieu” by Future Sauce is li...
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#10: Same Kind of Nerd

It's the end of our first season! So this episode is a special edition, it's just us and we'll answer some questions so you can get to know us a bit b...
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#9: Breaking & Entering

We are 98% sure that Jen Beck (@jennifermargueritebeck) isn't going to experience any legal ramifications from telling this story on our show.  Produc...
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#8: Paradise Lost

If you've ever made a rash decision because you met someone cute, Amber Drea's (@shoogyboom) story will speak to you.   Produced by Lea Thali and Sidn...
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#7: A Totally Drew Story

This week, Drew Beekler tells us a roommate horror story (we're finding out a lot of you have those), and then we all contemplate the most passive way...
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#6: No Place Like Home

This episode features veteran storyteller Sandi Marx. Sandi tells us about the home she and her sister built within their house.
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#5: Breaking Point

Breakups come in all shapes and forms, and this week, Amamah Sardar drops by to tell us about her strangest roommate breakup to date. If you can't get...
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