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We are women talking all about comedy things in life! We cover current events, fashion, entertainment, music, improv, sketch, TV, film, and errythang in between!

Sex Therapy

The Comedy Girls talk all about SEX - cuz it's our favorite subject!  We'll be joined by intimacy coach - Stacey Murphy!We'll aso be talking gossip an...
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Keep LOVE Alive!

We are talking all about LOVE!  How to keep it.  What it is.  Why does it die and then come back to life - like a zombie?  Join us as we talk to 2 aut...
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We LOVE Comedy Creators!

Lets face it - this is not 1985, Actors have no need to wait next to their phones for audition calls from their agents.  This is a new day - a new era...
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How fat is too fat and how thin is too thin in Hollywood?  We're talking all about the WEIGHT of the issue that seems to be taking over the entertainm...
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