Commercial Real Estate Investing with Tim Diesel

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Tim Diesel is an author, business consultant and a real estate investment strategist. He holds an active real estate license in Florida, specializing in multifamily/apartment sales and a passion for helping investors structure their deals the right way. Not just an average commercial broker, Tim Diesel is constantly investing in real estate all over the country and he has written two books on real estate. Finally, investors have a broker that understands exactly what they are going through. Information directly from a real broker with real experience, that's also an active investor.

Goals for 2021?

Have you started creating your plan for the new year? There will be some opportunities that's for sure.
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EP 92 Apartments for sale

Why are there apartments for sale only after one year of ownership? Commercial real estate is getting very expensive and if you're not extremely caref...
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EP 91 Track Your Offers

What do you do when your offer is not accepted? I'm going to share why you want to track your offers from now on.
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EP 90 Beware of possible frauds

Isn't it always funny how fraudsters turn up when the markets crash? The Enron scandal, Bernie Madoff, and there are plenty more. This episode is all ...
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EP 89 Get Prepared Now

Why hasn't a crash happened yet? Prices have not come down very much. What would be wise to do right now? Commercial real estate opportunities are com...
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EP 85 Calling for all offers

Be very careful of listings that have a deadline of making offers. Most of the time these are not the best deals from my experience. 
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