Commuting With Matt

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A collection of Thought Catalogs of ideas that strike me.

026: TC - The Shadow

Are there darker elements to our being and how should they be handled? And, as in all things, is it about moderation?
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025: TC - Hiking Potpourri

A journey though the woods and thoughts.Finding daily joy, finding simplicity, finding balance. Tying back to previous thought catalogs.
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024: TC - Dear Younger Me?

"If you could write a letter to your younger self, would you?" Diving deeper into this quote and coming to a different place.
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023: TC - Staring At The Mountains

Staring at the mountains and having them stare back.  Taking a hike and mainly exploring an idea of the "Minimum Necessary Force to Build Momentum" to...
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022: TC-Toolkit Mentality

Exploring having a toolkit mentality when it comes to available information, ideas, books, philosophies, and thought patterns.
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019: TC-Is That The Point?

Looking at when the act of doing something becomes the point of it, and the original intent is lost. (Recorded moments after having that epiphany)
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