Composer Quest: A Songwriting and Music Composition Podcast

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Join the quest! Learn how composers and songwriters create music in this podcast hosted by Minneapolis composer Charlie McCarron. Whether you’re a music composition grad or simply an occasional noodler on a guitar, each guest has a new perspective for you on the creative process of composing and songwriting, along with some concrete ideas to apply to your own music.

Tour 12: Finale in Minnesota

It’s finally here. Four years and 166 episodes later, we’ve arrived at the finale of the Composer Quest podcast. Before I get too sappy about it, I wa...
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Tour 10: Squirrels in California

This episode marks my return to the US after my trip to Australia and Asia. Despite the jet lag, I was able to get 5 interviews in for this Composer Q...
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Tour 9: Surprises in Taiwan 2

The second act of my Taiwan adventure features more interviews with music makers in Taipei, plus an interview with me about interviewing. We also disc...
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Tour 8: Surprises in Taiwan

Join me on a musical tour through Taiwan in today's episode of Composer Quest. I stumbled into a music festival celebrating Hakka culture, and I got t...
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Tour 7: Family in Australia

Australia has been my dream vacation spot since I was about six years old. In today’s episode of the Composer Quest World Tour, you’ll get an audio pe...
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Tour 6: Creative Work in LA

If you've ever thought about moving to Los Angeles to pursue a creative career, today's episode will give you a glimpse into that world. I talk with s...
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Tour 5: Games in Chicago 2

Take a peek behind the scenes of the Composer Quest Olympics in today's episode. I also talk with video game composers in Chicago about career advice,...
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Tour 4: Songwriting in New England

From pig racing to public-access TV, this three-hour episode chronicles my adventure around New England. I talk with four different songwriters about ...
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