Con con with Ron

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Just a weekly podcast where me and my guest discuss a topic, current events, among other things that are brought to the table.

strip clubs

me and my guest discuss strip club adventures. hooking up with strippers and some of the horrors that can happen
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Partying With Tamara

Me and my two guest Tamara and Ania discuss throwing parties. party spots all over jersey. cheapest way to throw a party and of course henny for the s...
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Side pieces

This episode me and my two guests discuss the topic of being and having side relationships.
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this episode me and Jennifer discuss networking and promoting. clubbing dms and more
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me and my guest Jen discuss the topic of feelings. whether men or women are more in their feelings. who is more sensitive. jen also tells one of her m...
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The Thirst

this episode me and my guest discuss the thirst. how to determine and avoid thirsty guys and girls. when is ok to approach a woman in 2016. how the th...
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