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Concentrated is a podcast exploring Film, Television, Comics, Books, and really anything we feel like talking about. Join your hosts Maria, Eric, and Muneerah as they dive into the topics that interest them and provide insight from their combined lifetimes of fandom. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @concentratedpod

Episode 111- Black Widow Review

Marvel is back on the big screen (for now). Is Black Widow worth the wait or paying the Disney+ Premium fee? Join us as we break down the movie and so...
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Episode 110 - BlerdCon 2021

We're back from BlerdCon and we had quite the time. This week we're diving into the good, the bad, and the controversial elements of the 202...
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Episode 109 - BlerdCon Bound!

It's a year later than expected, but we're finally headed back to BlerdCon since out last visit in 2019 (hopefully they fixed the A.C.). Joi...
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