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Connected Show Podcast! A podcast covering new Microsoft technology for the developer community. The show is hosted by Dmitry Lyalin and Peter Laudati

Migrating World Maps To Azure

In this episode, guest Brian Hitney joins Peter to discuss how he migrated the My World Maps application to Windows Azure. Brian talks about migration...
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The Battle of The 5s

In this episode, guest Andrew Brust joins Peter to re-cap the recent Microsoft PDC 2010 conference and Silverlight 5 Firestarter. Andrew and Peter dis...
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WCF? Droid Does!

And, we’re back! In an increasingly diverse world of mobile devices, the .NET developer is likely to end up supporting multiple mobile platforms. In t...
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Steve Marx on Azure

In this episode, the one and only Windows Azure Tactical Strategist, Steve Marx, joins Dmitry and Peter to give us an update on the Windows Azure plat...
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Cat Ladies & Acne-Laden Teenagers

In this episode, Dmitry and Peter cover the latest news around the Microsoft developer space, including Windows Azure updates, interoperability, & Win...
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Apache Stonehenge M2

In this episode, guests Ben Dewey & Kent Brown join Peter to discuss the latest release of the Apache Stonehenge project. Ben & Kent talk about the .N...
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Dmitry's Soapbox

In this episode, guest host Andrew Brust is back again, joining Dmitry & Peter to talk about all of the tech news from Microsoft's Wordwide Partner Co...
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CoApp: Do EPIC Schtuff!

In this episode, guest Garrett Serack from the Microsoft Open Source Technology Center joins Peter to discuss CoApp, a new package manager for the Win...
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PHP on Windows

In this episode, guests Kanwaljeet Singla, Don Raman, and Wade Hilmo from the Microsoft IIS team join Peter to discuss the evolution of PHP on the Win...
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