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A construction podcast with some personality! AEC wonks and construction nerds, this one is for you!

2020 Trend Forecast

What's in store for this year in the Construction Industry? Find out what's on the horizon as we discuss the indicators and trends that are buzzworthy...
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Sustainable Design

Sustainable design  - a term that is becomng ever more popular in the building industry. Some also call it Green Building or Green design - but they a...
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Technology in Construction

We're excited about the possibilities that new tech brings to the construction industry - from Augmented Reality to BIM to Drones, we covering it all ...
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Education & Opportunity

Getting the training and education you need to be successful in the construction industry is often a path with less obstacles that requires less money...
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Networking and Women's Advocacy

Professional networking and women's advocacy groups can really boost a career - but there are some caveats and potential pitfalls. Learn from our coll...
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