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Happy Hour talk for both sides of the brain

Gravesite services

Without proper care, grave sites – including stones – can fall into disrepair, often due to families moving out of the area, or passing away themselve...
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Carnivorous Plants

The world is full of wonderfully diverse flora. Brad Williams of Fort Bragg Carnivores just happens to enjoy the carnivorous ones. Download
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Tattoos and history

In the Northern California coastal town of Fort Bragg, the Triangle Tattoo Museum offers visitors – whether the generally curious or those seeking tat...
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Redwoods and stewardship

“Cutting the burl off redwoods … it’s like cutting off their feet. That’s the source of new roots, to get bigger, to keep growing.” The California Coa...
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Homeless and their dogs

A dog can be more than a homeless person’s best friend. It provides warmth, protection, and companionship. Troy Williams of RoadDogs Outreach shares h...
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Veteran comic and V.A.

Navy veteran Jason Mack shares his story about the horrors of the Veterans Administration in seeking medical help, and channeling his dark place into ...
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Fairy Tales and hope

“People do not cherish each other the way they should.” “Fairy Tales for Life; A Collection of Fourteen Original Short Stories”  recently won first pl...
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Shades of Blue and depression

“Hope” can be a foreign concept to those in the midst of severe or suicidal depression. Yet, the book “Shades of Blue” offers just that – hope. Thirty...
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