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Coolio Moolio is the "Would You Rather" Podcast, with your hosts Thaddeus and Nick! We discuss "would you rather" questions and see where the conversation goes - sometimes cracking wise, and sometimes waxing philosophical, but always having fun. Got questions you'd like to hear us answer? Send them to!

Ep. 57: Marilyn Manson

Coolio Moolio has been suffering some pretty heavy blows to consistency, but here's the long-awaited episode 57. Even though we recorded this during t...
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Ep. 56: Mr. Poopy Butthole

Super, super late episode this week. We actually recorded this after Thanksgiving, but we didn't get around to uploading it until now. We talk about B...
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Ep. 55: Kidz Bop

NEW SEGMENT THIS WEEK! From now on, the first 5-10 minutes of the show will be dedicated to our new introductory segment, "Good News Dudes". In this s...
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Ep. 54: Dogs and Cats

Another week, another episode with no real questions and plenty of Rick and Morty references. Oh well. We took to Snapchat to scout for some questions...
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Ep. 53: Paramotor

This week we've got a doozy of an episode, with two questions that really make us work for it. No, really, these ones are tough. Our old friend Cryber...
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Ep. 49: Nustache

For this episode we take to Snapchat once more to collect some questions from the masses, and once more we are wildly successful. Keep in mind, "wildl...
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Ep. 48: Intros and Conclusions

Want to learn about celiac's disease and lactose intolerance? If you do you're in luck, because this episode starts out with a hefty discussion of the...
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