Corona Bath

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A fun filled conversation about staying back home during 21 days of lock down due to Corona virus outbreak. When the working world is silenced from all the traffic, corporate meetings, parties and social gathering, listen to the other tune of people in Prathidhwani's Corona ಬಾತ್. Because that's the only ಬಾತ್ you can enjoy every single day! Reach out to us at || ||

Special EP 2: Old Monk

For our final episode of Corona ಬಾತ್, we have with us, actor/director "Lord" MG Srinivas and the leading lady Aditi Prabhudeva of OLD MONK movie. The ...
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Special EP 1.2: Mundina Nildana

So now we have arrived at Mundina Nildana of our special Corona ಬಾತ್ episodes, where in our guests Vinay Bharadwaj, Radhika Chethan & Ananya Kashyap t...
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Special EP 1.1: Mundina Nildana

In this episode of Corona ಬಾತ್, we have a very talented director Vinay Bharadwaj and gorgeous leading ladies Radhika Narayan & Ananya Kashyap from the...
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Episode 11: Pavan

We talk to Pavan from WeMove theatre company, who is a drama coach and a content writer. Being a full time artist, Pavan opens up and speaks the mind ...
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Episode 10: Lakshit

Lakshit, a guy with big dreams! Being a content creator, and a traveler, Lakshit has so many things to share about COVID-19, right from the beginning ...
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Episode 9: Suveer

In this episode, we have a "ಬಾತ್"(as in bisi bele ಬಾತ್) lover, Mr.Suveer from Bengaluru. Being in the Pharmaceutical industry, Mr.Suveer shares everyt...
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Episode 8: Ramesh And Gowri Rao

From Detroit, we have Mr Ramesh and Mrs Gowri, who have settled in USA for about 20 years. Listen to them talking about situation out there, their nev...
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Episode 7: Harish And Vishwanath

Would you call a friend at 12 in the night, just to say Hi!? Crazy right? In this episode we have such crazy 'Chaddi-Buddies', who talk all the way fr...
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Episode 6: Sunil

In this episode of Corona ಬಾತ್, Mr.Sunil, who stays in Victoria state, Melbourne, Australia, knocks off clichéd thoughts about developed countries. Tu...
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Episode 5: Shankar And Kala

If you have a happy family, you have everything in the world. Businessman Shankar and Home maker Kala, bring home this thought in this fun filled epis...
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