Cosmic Kitchen SInk

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The podcast, Cosmic Kitchen Sink, is in season two and will focus on the woo toolbox that creatives can use. When CREATING is a spiritual practice, what tools can support you on your quest? Existential magic, anxiety management techniques, astrology, tarot are a few we will speak of here...Welcome to the Cosmic Kitchen Sink!

July Forecast : DESIRE + CHILL

JOIN Sasha from to talk about the creative astrology of JULY 2021 <3 JUNE Glorious Venus in Leo is bringing splendor and elegance a...
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Astrology Forecast for Monday February 22 through Sunday February 28 2021.
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episode 29

 Artists are being called to adventure, are you refusing the call? In this episode we talk about The astrology of the week and how using it might help...
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