Cosmic Relief

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A podcast made by two queer friends. Devin Villasista and Angelica Stramer will discuss and navigate their experiences with life and topics that they feel are important. Our podcast will hopefully be there to provide you with some cosmic relief ... weekly!

10. The Journey to Self Love

Hello everyone! Today we wanted to chat about our journeys towards self love! Self love is an important life long path to take.  We should all work to...
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9. Learning about our Archetypes

Welcome back! For today's episode we decided to do another personality test. Is anyone surprised? Are you rolling your eyes? Don't forget to take this...
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8. Films That Changed our Lives

Hello everyone and welcome back! Today we wanted to go over some films that have changed our lives. Movies can be really important to some people and ...
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7. Five Things We Learned in 2019

Hello everyone and hello 2020! We are finally back with a new episode. Hopefully you didn't miss us too much! Today we wanted to reflect back on the y...
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6. Rants & Rambles (Q&A)

For this episode we wanted everyone to get to know us just a little bit more. What better way than a classic Q&A. Am I right girlies?! Listen to our r...
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5. The Playlist of our Lives

Hello everyone! For today's episode we thought what better topic to sound off on than MUSIC. Music has shaped and molded a big portion of who we are, ...
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4. Tarot Card Reading

Welcome back to another episode! In today's episode the lovely Angelica will be giving Devin a tarot card reading! Lots of laughs and cries in this ep...
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3. Astrology and Relationships

Sorry for the lack of an episode last week! Angelica lost her voice and wasn't able to speak very loudly, but here we are! This week we wanted to tack...
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2. Personality Tests

Here we are for our second episode! Today we came up with the idea to do our Myers-Briggs and 5 Love Languages tests! Everyone loves a good personalit...
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