Cosplay Stitch And Seam

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Welcome to the Cosplay Stitch Seam where two crafters explore the vast world of costume creation. Join Pannon and Vermilion Fire as they talk cosplay community, crafting, contests, and more!

Cosplay Chronicles 15

Our cosplay adventure at Necrocomicon is wrapping up! What will this thrilling conclusion have? Will Billy really become our pet? What will the contes...
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Ep. 129 - Nan Desu Kan 2021

Nan Desu Kan in Denver, Colorado is one of the biggest Anime Conventions in the west. We were only able to attend one day but the new location, amazin...
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Ep. 127 - August Check in

Monthly check in time! We hope you have been well and want to share our next month goals together! Don't forget to send in your cosplay photos with ph...
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Cosplay Chronicles 14

Our heroes face dark foes and maybe gain new friends? Check out this latest episode of the Cosplay Chronicles!!! *echoes in the distance * Join in the...
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Ep. 126 - Salt Con 2021

Board Games, cards, and more are the wonderful Salt Con! This convention is full of game designers, players, and most importantly, games! Send us your...
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Ep. 125 - Alternative Materials!

Have you ever walked into a store with your mind on coaplay? Suddenly everthing there can be used as a material for creating the perfect prop or add t...
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Ep. 123 - July Check In!

How are your amazing projects coming along? Monthly check in time!! New community project! Lets show some photogrepher love! Send us your fav photogra...
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