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We are a couple of guys who love talking sports. Our opinions are just that, however, we have the stats the back it up... sometimes.


College football isn't back yet but we finally have some NCAA news. This season is gonna be interesting with it probably being only conference games. ...
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We know it's been a while, but Sports are back. The MLB and NBA return this month! Listen as we talk about what to expect, and how this season will pa...
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Couch Talk Ep. 12

As the world is changing, we are too. In order to adapt to the new sports environment, we are transitioning into a more conversational style episode. ...
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Football Frenzy Ep.2

Today we are joined by our good friend, and college football superfan Grey Akins. He joins us to discuss how he feels about the 2019 season, and what ...
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Football Frenzy Ep. 1

We finally have something to talk about besides the corona virus. Listen as we discuss some of the best and worst Free Agent deals so far this year. F...
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Hardcore Headlines Ep.1

With the world in turmoil over the new Coronavirus, we discuss what is going to happen to our favorite sports. Will the NBA come back, will the MLB se...
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Couch Talk Ep.13

The sports world has stopped, but the couch coaches live on. We go over what all has happened due to the coronavirus, and what is yet to come. Stay sa...
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