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Join us, and love movies you never thought you'd even like. Join us on the couch where friends discuss film. Couched Theater recommends a movie by preparing you for a viewing (on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and more), then analyzing and casually discussing it after viewing. Watch more movies. Enjoy more movies.

mother! (Amazon & Hulu)

A movie that defies genres and logic. If you've seen it before, heard things about it, or seen the trailer, forget everything and listen to this episo...
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Wind River (Netflix)

Today I bring you a beautiful, darkly disturbing movie. I can't stress enough how emotional this movie  is, so you've been warned. Despite that, Wind ...
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I am Mother (Netflix)

An interesting little sci fi flick that is worth more than a single watch. Welcome to the end of the world. A "Piece of Candy" episode for a lazy afte...
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The Invitation (Netflix)

This episode explores an intense psychological thriller that is guaranteed to keep you on edge until the credits. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did....
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A Dark Song (Netflix)

This episode we talk about A Dark Song on Netflix. A slow, tension building horror flick that really gets in your head.  I've set up a Reddit account ...
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The Ritual: Netflix

This episode comes close to Halloween, so we've picked something a little more on the spooky end. If you haven't seen The Ritual (a Netflix original),...
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He Never Died: Netflix

This week we look at a film that's dry, dark, and rather hilarious if you can get into it (and we aim to do just that). Enjoy this hidden gem on Netfl...
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Other Life: Netflix

This week, on Netflix, we watch a deceptively simple sci-fi.     Writer and producer: Stefan Cowper Guest and Creative Consultant: Greg Dernbach Artwo...
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