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Podcast by B-Rad G

15 The Fo The Movie Script

This podcast episode is about The Fo Movie Script. Author Dennis Paulson Book: The Fo The Fo Mo...
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14 A Smart Mind is Dangerous

In this episode we talk about conspiracy theories as well as valentines day. T.M.L. Instagram: Follow the...
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Episode Episode 11 Berzerker

In this episode I am joined by T.M.L. and Gabriel. We walk to the Quick Stop and who do we see? None other than the legends themselves Jay and Silent ...
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Episode 10 Snoochie Boochie

In this episode I am joined by my brothers from another mother T.M.L. A.K.A. The Microphone legend and Gabriel the Pokemon Master. We catch up, go bac...
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08 Snoogans - 1:1:20, 3.04 PM

In this episode we smoke the weed of Gods SIR. I bought weed from Jay & Silent Bob themselves. I go over my New Years Resolutions, and I also share a ...
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07: Christmas Pod

In this very special Christmas episode I am joined by my good friend Kalene aka Tyler Blake Florez. Join us for Christmas as we talk about the top Chr...
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06: Free One

In this episode B-Rad breaks down lyrics to his songs on his upcoming EP "My Life". As B-Rad breaks down his lyrics he becomes woke or has an awakenin...
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