Crafting Solutions to Conflict

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Ready for practical and positive perspectives on conflict? Join host Jane Beddall, M.A., J.D., to explore ways to preserve and restore harmony by preventing or limiting conflicts that may damage valued relationships and to effectively resolve those that may occur. We will talk about elephants in the room, expanding pies, the problem with cookie cutters, and much more. If you don’t know what those things mean, you will enjoy learning about them. If you do know them, you will be able to expand your understanding with some new points of view to consider. Would you like to learn more about Jane and her 30-year fascination with conflict, her work as a mediator and a Certified CINERGY® Conflict Coach? Do you have comments or suggestions about a topic or guest? An idea or question about conflict management or conflict resolution? Please visit or, or start a conversation at!

Benefits of the doubt

The phrase “giving someone the benefit of the doubt” suggests only one benefit, bestowed by one person upon another, when trustworthiness is accepted,...
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Managing availability bias

Availability bias, also known as the availability heuristic, is the idea that we tend to value --  overweight even -- information that comes to mind q...
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The many meanings of silence

Silence, in the context of conflict, can have many meanings. When someone stops communicating, the other person or other people must guess what it mea...
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