Crazy Cabbies

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From Igor the mad Russian and Stinky Steve to filthy Phyllis and hungry Luigi, Crazy Cabbies is a fly on the wall look at the bizarre antics of crazy cab drivers, whose behaviour entertains, bemuses and terrorizes their unsuspecting passengers. Dynamic camera positioning and witty dialogue coupled with over the top antics drive the humour in this fast paced, exaggerated animated series.

Crazy Cabbies - Luigi

This unsuspecting passenger gets a lesson in Italian style cooking from Luigi, the stereotypical Italian cab driver!
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Crazy Cabbies - Kenny

Kenny, the hick cab driver, gives his passenger a rather interesting tour of his town and perhaps more than that.
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Crazy Cabbies - Ivan

An unsuspecting passenger gets a life lesson from Ivan, the Russian cab driver, when they play 'Russian roulette'.
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Crazy Cabbies - Cora

When two young professional men hail Cora's taxi they have no idea of the 'show' they are about to witness.
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