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Kaleigh Moore and Paul Jarvis talk about all things related to the business of freelancing. We’re talking clients. Pricing. Landing projects. Getting paid. Managing revisions (endless revisions). Finding clients and connecting with them in a way that feels right for you. If you’re like most freelancers, it’s the business stuff that keeps you awake at night, not the actual writing, programming or designing. That’s where the Creative Class podcast comes in. Kaleigh and Paul have over 20 years of combined experience freelancing with some of the biggest names and companies in the world, including: Microsoft, Yahoo, Mercedes-Benz and their work has been featured in: Wired, Fast Company, LifeHacker, USAToday, Newsweek and more.

Our *final* podcast episode

In this episode, Paul and Kaleigh talk about why they’ve decided to wind things down with this podcast (and future course launches), as well as where ...
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Living and working in isolation

During much of 2020, people around the world have been staying home or in lockdown during the pandemic. As a result, many of us are living and working...
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