Creep Me Out: A Podcast of True Crime, Urban Legends, & the Weird

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Join friends Morgan Benek, and Kat Bueman once a week every season, as they dive into stories of true crime, urban legends, spooky history, and the paranormal.

Bonus Episode: Cryptids!

In this bonus episode the girls welcome their friend and producer, Nick Kizina to the podcast to discuss, Cryptids!  The trio discuss The Beast(s) of ...
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Creepy Dolls

It's the season one finale, thank you for listening!  In this episode the girls ask why are dolls so creepy? Credits: Modern Mythos Network intro and ...
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The Seven Gates of Hell

This week the girls discuss The York County Seven Gates of Hell in Hellam PA.  They go into the legend behind the story, and how Hellam did not get th...
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Holiday Special: Krampus

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays! For this week's episode the girls dive into the legend of Krampus, and other spooky holiday legends! Credits: Mod...
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Profile: Elizabeth Bathory

This week the girls discuss the Blood Countess herself, Elizabeth Bathory.  They go into the Elizabeth's upbringing, her marriage, the amount of power...
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Profile: Andrew Cuanan

This week the girls discuss spree killer Andrew Cunanan.  They go into Cunanan's upbringing, his lifestyle he killed to maintain, and discuss his most...
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Ritual Games

This week the girls dive into the spooky games, like Bloody Mary, and Hide and Go Seek with by Yourself, you play to experience the other side. Credit...
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Severed Head Found

Welcome to the series premiere of Creep Me Out, in the first episode your spooky hosts Morgan Benek and Kat Bureman give their individual backgrounds,...
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Creep Me Out Trailer

Welcome to Creep Me Out.  Launching 11/27/19 Credits: Modern Mythos Network intro and outro written and preformed by Sean McNeilly Hosts: Morgan Benek...
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