Crime, Conspiracies & Critters

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A true crime and conspiracy theory podcast, with a fun animal story thrown in to lighten things up! easy as A, B, C?

In this episode, we discuss some heavy topics, and get pretty fixated on a spy theory!  Plus we introduce a new, but possibly familiar, voice...   Tri...
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Are we all Sims?

The crimes this in episode include a lot of cover-ups! Plus, we ask the age old question- are we all Sims? (Trigger Warning- Charlotte's story this ep...
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Episode 3- Mozarella and Mummies

Episode 3 includes reference to violence against children.  To skip this, the timestamp is 14:25-15:48.  As always we have done our best to show sensi...
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Episode 2- Drag Disguise

A murder plot, giant sea birds, and death metal take the forefront in this episode   Twitter Instagram Music Credits
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