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About 40 percent of the murder cases in Kansas City are unsolved. Many of those cases are considered cold. FOX4 Crime Files takes an in-depth look at some of these cases, each one representing a life lost, and loved ones searching for answers.

Lester Haliburton

It was March, 2002, when one mother woke up to a nightmare. Detectives told her that her 15-year-old son had been shot in a hallway just down the stre...
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Desirea Ferris

"I'll be home tonight. I'll see you in a little bit." Eleven short words make up the final text sent from 18-year-old Desirea Ferris to her mom. Three...
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Allen Thompson

Out with errand with his mom in 1970, high schooler Allen Thompson found himself at the end of a shotgun barrel during an armed robbery. 50 years late...
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KC Gillespie

What looked at first like a simple car crash at an apartment complex ended up as homicide investigation when police found that the driver had been sho...
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Derryle Humbird

He was a 53-year-old man who worked 6 days a week and spent much of the rest of his time with his daughter, granddaughter and friends. Police found hi...
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Carleton Temple

Carleton Temple was a 26-year-old business analyst at Sprint, who lived and worked in one of the wealthiest suburbs in the Midwest. He was also a fath...
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Leron Walls

Thirty-three days after his 33rd birthday, Leron Walls was found murdered in a car parked in an unusual neighborhood. The 911 call was anonymous, and ...
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UPDATE: Kendrick Anderson

Kendrick Anderson, 27, was gunned down as he drove down a busy Kansas City highway. Police are still searching the the person responsible for killing ...
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Mark Davis

With a 1-year-old child and another on the way, Mark Davis' life was turning around for the better. He went to play basketball with some friends down ...
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