CRIME. obsessed.

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We're two small town girls who live, breath and talk true crime. Let's talk serial killers, the missing, wanted and much more! Support this podcast:

Episode 3--Ted Bundy Part 1

Who doesn't love a good, attractive and polite man? Ted fit that category well....until he became one of the most known US Serial Killers. Let's dive ...
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Nickname Fire Trivia

Who doesn't love a fun game of trivia?! We put a little spin on it this time. NICKNAMES! Did you know there were so many serial killers with nickmames...
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Fire Trivia! Happy New Year!

We spent the afternoon recording a new episode for you! When we got done we decided to play a round of Fire Trivia! --- This episode is sponsored by ·...
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Episode 1--Dennis Rader “BTK”

Have you heard about the man who lived a double life? Who was able to get away with murder for YEARS before falling into the trap of the police? Let u...
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Fire Trivia!

We went live this morning on our Facebook page and played a new, fun game! Nicole and I asked each other trivia questions. Listen to us as we fail epi...
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Serial about Christmas

We had so much coming up with this fun episode! No, its not a full episode quite yet, but we are working on it! We decided to bring you a fun little C...
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Into to CRIME. obsessed.

Ever wondered why we started this podcast?! Listen now to find out how we started. We can’t wait to bring you our first full episode soon! --- This ep...
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