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Experimental musicians and sound artists discuss the albums that are important to them. A bi-weekly podcast from ATTN:Magazine.

#87: Cecilia Lopez

More mayonnaise, electrified tango, unapologetic folk. The musician, composer and multimedia artist discusses three important albums.Cecilia's picks:C...
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#86: Domingæ (Föllakzoid)

Record warehouse paradise, lullabies finished in hell, destroying synchronicity. The musician and filmmaker discusses three important albums.Domingæ's...
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#85: Nyokabi Kariũki

Lost souls in a fishbowl, lushness and harmony, sanza psychedelia. The Kenyan composer and performer discusses three important albums.Nyokabi's picks:...
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#84: Robert Curgenven

Cannonball of musicians being shot at a staircase, flying across the top of the mosh, sunlight in the white room. The Ireland-based, Australian-born a...
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#83: crys cole

Resonating glass, the arsehole of Western music, shopping mall avant garde. The nomadic sound maker discusses three important albums.crys' picks: Anne...
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#82: Lauren Sarah Hayes

Out-of-time ska, home alone raves, smashing together American music. The live electronics improviser discusses three important albums.Lauren's picks:L...
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#81: Geneva Skeen

Top string of the harp, transcendent worldbuilding, catharsis in composing. The LA-based artist and composer discusses three important albums.Geneva's...
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#80: Jen Kutler

XXX alcohol, forgone resolutions, avalanches of brutality. The multidisciplinary artist and performer discusses three important albums.Jen's picks:Jos...
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#79: Dalibor Cruz

Slipping into the bloodstream, navigating hell, addictive polyrhythms. The Honduran-American producer discusses three important albums.Pablo's picks:M...
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#78: Kevin Martin (The Bug)

Jaw on the floor, zoning into spirituality, bastardised reggae basslines. The multidirectional musician and producer discusses three important albums....
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