Curiously Morbid

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A podcast discussing all things true crime and mysterious events. Tune in every Monday for a case and the last Friday of the month for a for a freaky topic.

50: Finale Part 2

In the final episode of Curiously Morbid Dean and Dani discuss their favourite freaky Friday episodes and say goodbye to the podcast. Stay tuned until...
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49: The finale Part 1

In the penultimate episode of the show Dean and Dani talk about their favourite cases from the past 48 episodes!
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48: The D.B Cooper heist

On November 24th 1971, and unidentified man who went by the name D. B. Cooper hijacked a plane in the airspace between Portland and Seattle. He parach...
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47: Dark side of theme parks

This week Dean shows Dani the dark side of theme parks and how they can go horribly wrong. This one is not for the faint of heart! 
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46: The murder Jonbenet Ramsey

On 26th December 1996 Pasty Ramsey called 911 to inform them her daughter Jonbenet had been kidnapped. Just a few hours later they would discover her ...
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45: The murder of Anna Repkina

Anna Repkina left her home country looking for love, only to find something much worse. This week Dean and Dani look into the tragic case of Anna Repk...
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This week Dean and Dani open the casefile of the most famous criminal lovers.  Bonnie Elizabeth Parker and Clyde Chestnut Barrow were an American crim...
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42: The MURDER of Alan Williamson

This week Dean and Dani look into the case of Alan Williamson who was murdered on Christmas Day 2013 by his friend Melissa Young. After a spat about h...
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