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Batman and Sexuality

In our new episode we talk about the recent discussion about Batman’s willingness as a lover. Twitter was abuzz with news that DC intervened to cut a ...
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Twitch and Streaming

In this episode we dive into the world of streaming, vlogging, and twitch. We talk about a recent 24 hour livestream and the potential money generated...
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Anti-Asian Stereotypes in Media

In light of the recent increase in anti-Asian hate crimes we take the time to explore the role of media in perpetuating stereotypes and bigotry toward...
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Pornhub, Sex Work, and Labor

In this episode we talk about the controversy around Pornhub purging its website of non-verified content creators. We discuss the context of Nicholas ...
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Wrestling, the Undertaker, & QAnon

Today we talk about the the culture of wrestling and the Undertaker. We examine his comments and claims about how wrestling has gotten softer by highl...
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Insurrection and Disney

In our first podcast of 2021 we catch up on all that has happened in the past few weeks. We talk about the failed insurrection, subsequent political q...
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