Curt Siffert's Piano Musings

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Piano Improvisations by Curt Siffert - unless otherwise noted, all pieces are made up on the spot starting when the record button is pressed. These pieces are more about exploring the creative process than about producing finished, polished works. However, some material will undoubtedly be reworked into finished pieces for future projects. All pieces released under a Creative Commons license - by-nc-sa 3.0. In other words, they are not to be used for commercial purposes, but can be used/adapted for other noncommercial works. All require attribution. Share and enjoy. Visit for more music.

Her Worry Dolls (7/19/07 #3)

She got them in Guatemala, and kept them next to her matryoshka dolls. At night, the worry dolls would dance and try to offer comfort to their counter...
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Empty Sanctuary (7/19/07 #1)

That church is always humming to itself a bit. It comes from deep inside the walls. But you can only really hear it after the congregants all leave.
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Ignorant Meadow (5/26/07 #1)

Something horrible happened the night before. Can the meadow not acknowledge that? Sometimes when morning breaks, there is a rudeness to the peace.
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Kingdom (3/22/07 #1)

The kingdom was mighty. Great gates, wide courtyards, and deadly intrigue... but falling into disrepair.
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