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The podcast where dads chat!

Jeff Whelan Explains Tik Tok

Good Vibes and Good Talk, that's what we're all about here at Dad Chats! And nobody has better vibes than Jeff Whelan!We start off with some New Wave ...
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Luke Gray Shreds the Squawk Box

"How's the air up there?" is what we would ask tall man Luke Gray, if we were a show of hacks, WHICH WE'RE NOT! Instead, we asked sensitive, thoughtfu...
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Brad Deyoe

Every dad talks about smoking meat, but no dad has brought smoked meat onto the show--UNTIL NOW. Brad brought a steaming rack of ribs and a healthy he...
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5 - Jim Arias

As a father of five and a DHS employee with decades of experience, Jim Arias has oceans of experience that we dive deep, deep into!We start off with a...
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4 - Matt Kimberling

Dr. Kimberling is a pediatric cardiologist, which means he knows hearts. Sure enough, his insights on life, love and friendship touched my heart, and ...
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3 - Eric Fox

Imagine this: you are floating, alone, in space. It's not scary, though, it's nice, a comforting lack of care or concern. What's that? Who is this, fl...
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2 - Patrick Millican

Our second episode of Dad Chats gets groovy quick as we discuss the Dad Song of the Day (1:45). This is followed by a practical onslaught of incredibl...
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Mark Siebert

We start off our first episode of Dad Chats EVER with a bang by discussing yard work (2:22), followed by "feeling" a dad (3:40), parenting boys vs. gi...
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