Dads with AMMO


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A podcast about 2 dads with generally similar opinions about day to day, real life situations. Hosts Ross and Craig dissect today's topics with Questionable intent. Dads with AMMO is funny, opinionated, informative and mostly offensive.

DadswithAMMO Ep#8

Talk about Cigars you say???? Well here it is... Episode 8 is cigar 411... Grab a stick, a woman and a drink, not necessarily in that order and turn y...
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DadswithAMMO Ep#7

Episode 7 coming at you from Chaser's Pub once again... Ross and Craig get a surprise visit and they talk about cigars (in depth) as well as some mass...
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DadswithAMMO EP#6

Episode 6 is here... We are in Chasers once again because it's "Africa" hot in Las Vegas...Grab a drink and cigar... Enjoy
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DadswithAMMO Ep#5

Hey guys, we have been talking about it and here it is... Our first Guest!!! Welcome to the mic David Roberg, Owner of Straight Shot Firearms Training...
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